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3.  Create zip folder with:

  • pdf of first chapter including front matter (chapter will not be accepted without front matter.  Front matter is all the "stuff" before the first chapter - title page, copyright page, foreword, etc.)
  • book cover - high resolution 300 dpi or higher (This must be in jpeg. Do not send pdf of front/back cover.  This will not work.  Send us the exact front cover that was used to print the book.)
  • author photo - high resolution 300 dpi or higher (Headshot only - do not include a full shot.)

4.  Send your zip folder to:  admin@FirstChapterPlus.com

  • Subject line of email must read:  FCP - [Listing size] - [Genre] - [Author] - [Book Title]

5.  Make payment arrangements at the bottom of this pageFull-page, two books

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Just a few pointers before you fill out the form:

  • Be sure your images are 300 dpi or higher
  • Revisit your synopsis.  It needs to be a killer in 75 words or less.  Please be sure it has the necessary hook to attract the potential buyers immediately. If your book is the "first" in the topic, be sure it's indicated right in the beginning.
  • Include the front matter to the end of the chapter one in your pdf.  Libraries and book stores need this information.
  • Nonfiction books should have a Table of Contents between the front matter and first chapter.  Often that's the seller.
  • If you don't know what a BISAC is, you can learn more here.
  • Please be sure you follow the instructions above and fill out the form below completely.  Our listing fees are extremely low and based on the fact you will be giving us the information like we need it.  If we have to put in extra work, there will be a $50 up-charge to pay our staff. So, please check and double-check your submission before you send it in.

STOP!  Please read before filling out this form.  Are you using Internet Explorer?  If yes, you may have issues sending the form.  Sometime IE balks at sending forms.  We suggest FireFox.

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