Getting your book into a library or independent book store is always a goal of an author so let us help you achieve this goal by listing the book/s in our monthly e-catalog. (View sample)  As well, we offer the e-Catalog to reviewers, bloggers and readers so your listing can be for a digital or audio book for their purpose.  Keep in mind that bookstores or libraries may not be interested in anything but print books.

Using our service is simple

  • Fill out the submission form
  • (We suggest you use FireFox as your Browser)
  • Pay for your listing (pay button on submisson form page)
  • And, that's it - we will create your listing and send it out to our huge opt-in list

And, the best part?

Our listing fees are extremely budget-friendly, cost-effective, and simply inexpensive. (Our only competitor - well, they only send to libraries - charges $149 for 1/4 page ad. Look at our pricing! And, yes, if you buy a multi-month listing you have to pay up-front.)

Full page listing (2 books by same author maximum)

1 month  - $100
2 months - $175
3 months - $275
6 months - $500
12 months - $900 (Savings of $300)

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Half-page listing (1 book only)

1 month - $75
2 months - $125
3 months -  $200
6 months - $300
12 months - $500

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One-quarter page listing (1 book only)

1 month - $50
2 months - $90
3 months - $130
6 months  - $195
12 months - $250

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Multi-listing page

1 month - $25
2 months - $35
3 months  - $45
6 months - $60
12 months - $75

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Upcoming Book Listing

1 month - $30
2 months - $50
3 months  - $70

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Theme of the Month

1 month - $50 

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Publication dates & deadlines for submission

The e-catalog is published monthly and will be released on the 15th of each month.  Deadline for listing is the 1st of the month preceding your listing date.

Copyright dates accepted

We have four sections in our e-catalog:
New Releases - copyright date 2013
Past Releases - copyright date 2012
Best of Backlist - copyright date 2011 and older
Upcoming - not yet published

More really important things

Your book, whether in print, digital, or audio must be available on  Please don't ask if there are any other options because there aren't at this time.

Our prices are extremely low and are based upon your cooperating in sending us everything exactly as we ask for it, e.g. form filled out completely, pdf of first chapter including front matter properly formatted or the mp3 clip if it's an audio book, everything in a zip file, and the email subject line exactly like we need it.  If not, there will be an extra charge of $50 for the time we need to spend hunting, looking, requesting, etc. So, please, follow the instructions step-by-step and we will be happy. (By the way, the exact steps will be given to you when you click on the submission form link below.)

Also, we will not be giving you a proof before the e-Catalog is published.  If we did provide you a proof we'd have to charge you more.

If you have self-published or used a subsidy press, please, and we ask again, please, be sure the book was professionally edited.  (This doesn't mean running through spell-check, it means having a professional editor do content editing as well as checking for for typos, grammar, etc.) And, one more thing.  Please be sure the book, especially the cover, conforms to the publishing standard - that means BISAC and pertinent information on the back cover.  If you don't know what we mean, please go to your local book store and look at some of the books. Does yours meet the standard?  If it does, then you are good to go.  If it doesn't, it's highly unlikely the libraries or book stores will be interested in carrying it.

One more thing.  If you have a children's picture book that's not an issue at all.  Just provide the front matter and one or two pages from the book and we are good to go.

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