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First Chapter Plus

publishes and distributes a monthly e-catalog, which includes the First Chapters of print and digital books, and mp3 clips of audio books plus all the essential information to over 35,000 opt-in subscribers.

Let us expose your current or upcoming book to our interested list.


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We are a reliable resource that distributes the e-catalog to:

  • libraries
  • independent book stores
  • media
  • readers
  • other writers
  • bloggers
  • reviewers

We tell them about the latest and greatest books just published or about to be published. If your book is listed on Amazon, we can expose you to over 35,000 libraries, independent bookstores, readers, bloggers and reviewers.  Our list is not rented or purchased, but grown over the years with qualified, opt-in traffic.

Our Services are For:

Authors, Publicists, or Publishers

First Chapter Plus is where you need to be.  Let us tell the libraries, bookstores, media, and readers about your newest publication or one you are about to publish. Not only that, you will be able to tease the potential readers with the First Chapter. Authors Publicists Publishers

Librarians or Book Store Owners

We are happy you stopped by.  We have an e-catalog for you where you can see what's new and what's coming up in the indie author and independent publisher sector for the latest and the greatest reading material. We also let you know where you can get the books. But, even better yet, you get to read the First Chapter! Librarians Book Stores

Reviewers or Bloggers

We help you get in touch with the author to do a book review.  And, you get to read the First Chapter to help you decide whether you want the book or not. Reviewers Bloggers


If you think you'd like to review a book or connect with an author, this is the place.  The best part is, you get to read the First Chapter to see whether it's a book you'd like to write about. Media


We certainly haven't forgotten the reader!  You get to read the First Chapter and get totally hooked on the story - to the point you want to read the whole book. You can immediately click on a link and order the book. We make it really easy for you. Readers

Our readers want to know about your book

  • 20,000+ public librarians in the United States
  • 3,300+ independent book stores in the United States
  • 300+ media columnists and editors in the United States
  • 11,000+ readers, writers, and bloggers world wide

Our list is growing daily as we get responses, queries, and requests. Add your name

Our e-Catalog lists:

  • print books
  • e-books
  • audio books
  • upcoming publications

Our research:

We polled, studied, asked, investigated...and then we thought about the responses before we moved forward.  We are filling a need of librarians and book store owners!  Yes, they want this e-catalog - they've told us so through our opt-in campaign. And, they are super-excited about being able to read the First Chapter. 

We are different from others because we provide:

  • an easy-to-read free e-catalog delivered to your email address on a monthly basis
  • all the information required at one glance
  • the First Chapter of every print or digital book in the e-catalog (and it will stay on this site forever)
  • clips of audio books
  • the front matter and first few pages of a child's picture book
  • a very budget-friendly and affordable listing fee. Authors Publishers Publicists

We don't:

  • guarantee everyone will flip head-over-heels about the book
  • promise every library and book store will purchase the book
  • hide our listing fees and pop them on you after we've hooked you Authors Publishers Publicists
  • give you phony testimonials but we do give you real ones from real people
  • pretend to know everything, or say one thing and do something else.

We do:

  • know that individual libraries buy books through distributors and often through and publishers. 
  • know libraries and independent book stores will carry self-published, POD, and small publisher's books providing they feel they have readers, and the book conforms to standards.  Visit to search library holdings of POD/Self-Published books
  • support all authors whether they are self-published, used a subsidy press, or were published by a small, medium, or large traditional publisher - but, please, please, be sure your book is edited professionally (and that doesn't mean spell-check, it means a professional editor)
  • want to give another outlet to reviewers, bloggers, and potential readers  to read the First Chapter before making a decision
  • We have four sections in our e-catalog: Monthly Theme FeaturesNew Releases with copyright date of 2017; Past Releases with copyright date of 2016; Best of Backlist with a copyright date of 2015 or older; and Upcoming for books that haven't been published yet
  • require the book is listed on  Potential readers like to buy from them and that's how we create the first chapter download pages.
  • feel we've been around long enough to figure out the needs in the publishing industry and fill them - this is one of them
  • have credibility in the publishing industry. We have no trouble saying to you "ask around."

Ready to get started?

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